Friday, April 9, 2010

OMG!!! Deer Lake Charlie's is Open in April!! LOL!!

Global warming? Who cares? This was the earliest recorded ice out on Deer Lake, April 3. What could be next? The record early opening of Deer Lake Charlie's! Starting April 9, the doors are open on weekends. Rumor has it that a large local saddle club from Effie is headed this way over the weekend, they need to stop in somewhere, there are few other choices. The winter is over, summer thinking and acting is taking hold and the fishing opener is still weeks away.

After the close in October, mushers from the Togo area passed through in their training runs led by famous musher Jaime Nelson. The Halloween party at the Neighborhood was a great success with music provided by Not Quite Rite. Costumes were incredible and there is a shot here of the winners in the annual Neighborhood Costume Contest. November was really warm and there is a shot of that as well. The winter wasn't too bad and it has obviously ended. Let the good times roll! We'll keep you posted. Rumor also has it that great Minnesota musician Timmy Haus will be playing on the fishing opener weekend. Don't miss it, he is a great entertainer, come in and enjoy the fun times! That is May 15-16. Check us out for more updates on the weather and the scene!

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