Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fire danger EXPLOSIVE

The ice went out on Deer Lake April 3, a record for those who can remember. Wildlife sprang to spring much earlier than usual. It was very dry for several weeks. On April 12 I flicked an ash off a cig, and the teensy ash started a fire that I tried to smack down, but given the conditions, was impossible. I battled it until other folks driving along the road called in the Bigfork fire department. that was a good call. Despite my valiant efforts, it took them to get it out. The lake was at historic lows. Anyone could take strolls down the shorelines and discover things like hadden happpened for over 30 years. Some prayed for rain. Others said don't. Oh how the rain prayers have been answered! My 2nd degrees burns healed. And onward now onward to summer.

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