Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Official Closing, stay tuned for more pictures...

Summer fades into memory...

Summer, er rather, September was too short. That was summer, warm days, warm nights, foggy, mist swathed mornings giving way to beautiful sunny days and star filled nights. Then It came to a rather abrupt end. Picked up where July left off only colder yet. The first measurable snow was on October 10. The color has been hanging on more than usual. the light snow highlighted the color. Most of October has been cloudy and cooler than normal. However, good times continued at the corner and beyond. After jugband weekend, Jake made made his annual trip to the area. We had the usual feast and on the beach, on a warm Saturday late September night. There was quite an assortment of 4 wheelers who passed through during the weekend afternoons and evenings. A good number of biker groups too. Jim has decided to make an N scale model of Deer Lake Charlie's, and on viewing just about everyone had something to comment on, to add to their memories of what use to pass as the corner, and ever evolving place. The last officially opened weekend has now come and gone. The annual closing potluck was well attended and the food was great. The varieties of delectable expands with the great constants such as Tracie's legendary deviled eggs. All sorts of folks turned up. Despite having to turn off the heat temporarily to allow Marshall to deep fry shrimp and vegetable tempura, the place was warm and cozy. But all things come to and end. Another year at the corner. During the winter months, pictures of the goings on in the weather will be posted for your viewing pleasure. Surely we will see each other and all when the spring and sun return in full.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jugband Sunday

Lots more pictures! Marshall opens the show. Len introduces the LA DI DAs. Because the music is so good, the audience is always happy, and sometimes dancing. Pixel was sitting in for one of the judges. After the fun in Effie, the party moved back to the lake and DLC's. Suzie and Dave joined in with the jamming.

Saturday Night Jugband

Members of the Juke Savages came in from Duluth, Joe from Louisville was there, and Ludwig joined in. Vaughn and Nadia, along with Brook were there. Bill and Jim posed with Jim's own homemade reproduction minstrel banjo from the Civil War era. Good listening!

Jugband Weekend, Friday Night Photos

Always the weekend after Labor Day, we were lucky, the weather was great. The 4 wheelers from Bemidji made their second pilgrimage and, as usual, brought along their music. That's what the weekend is about! Friday night was their night and fun was had by all. Saturday most of the Jugband folks who were camping out at the beach came in. The jamming was good, great music with most of the gang, Bill and Judy, Marshall, Aaron, Chris, Randy, Kris and Al, Jim, Audrey and the rest.

These were the best nights of the summer, finally. Lots of good food on the beach and good music at both ends. Sunday was warm, and 6 bands performed to a full house under the big top tent at the Neighborhood. The family group from Bemidji, the La Di Das, featuring the Andersons, with former Effie guy Mark, were this year's winner, the competition was stiff. Someone had to win, any one of the bands could have won. The fighting is firce for the coveted fish scaler and the privelegde of having the winning name on the plaque, of course at the expense of the winners. If you missed this year, come on out for next year's. The music is worth it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day, Feels Like Summer, Finally

The weather sucked until mid August, and then summer arrived. The Duitsmans continued to build their new digs on Lorraine Lake even after Marc fell twelve feet off a ladder, breaking 4 ribs and a collarbone. Labor Day weekend was busy, best holiday weather of the season. On Sunday, the Deer Lake Football Pool drawing took place. As usual, Marshall showed up at 5 and everyone pulled teams. Kara and Audrey were less than pleased with their picks, but life is hard. Some ladies staying at Stimacs' place showed up and everyone was amused! Judy Larson and friend Cindy came up for the fishing. And some Supers also came to enjoy the greatest weather on the planet. There were also lots of ATV groups, locals and vacationers to mark the semi-official end to the summer. Also had a lot of dogs, no the place is NOT going to the dogs! The days are noticeably shorter, but the water is the warmest it's been all summer. Swimming is now in order. Still having fun! Still open, drop on in.