Monday, July 27, 2009

Rodeo Daze 2009

Missed the big action out at the grounds this year, but things were hopping in Effie at the Neighborhood Tavern. Thursday night Jeff Clarke, the singing cowboy, played. Lots of folks turned out to enjoy and dance. Marshall looked happy so it must have been a good night. Friday the rodeo started. The small town of Effie was crowded with cowboys and cowgirls and all the stuff they bring with them. Whiskey Johnson and his band played into the wee hours of the morning, then, rumor has it they played the rodeo grounds until 6 am. Rodeo was fun, crowded and no too hot. A few sprinkles fell, kept the dust and bugs down a bit. Saturday evening was the ever growing Effie parade with lots of fun floats. And the band played on and on. The crowd was dancing to the music, again to the wee hours of the morning. DLC was shut down for the evening, Gail and Charlie were on floats in the parade. And Gail ended up working at Marshall's on her "night off". Things were hopping under the big top in Effie! Rodeo ended Sunday afternoon, the weather was great, lots of "cowfolks" hung around. Back at DLC, lots of bikers passed through for a beer, enjoying the good biking weather. Next week, Jeffrey Clarke plays the dome, live again. The music starts about 8 pm so put on your dancing shoes and come on out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rainy Day Jammin'

The weather might have gone south, but not the good times at the corner! Thursday night, self proclaimed professional vagabond Eddie Jeff Cahill arrived from sunny Winnipeg after working the festival for a month. He came down with his guitar and with Jeff Clarke, Marshall on mandolin and Audrey on washboard, made some great music to a good sized enthusiastic crowd. The Super sisters, Krissi and Kara, did some Deer Lake Boogie reminiscing and sang some of the old tunes they remembered from their young days at the Deer Lake Boogie accompanied by Cahill and Audrey. The weather had socked in, so folks were driven indoors and there is no better place to be, something fun is always happening. The weather has improved greatly, but the fun continues so come on in to the funkiest bar around, a true up north classic, Deer Lake Charlie's!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer in Full Swing

And the good times continue! Beautiful days of late, good passes of the ISS and a great crowd for some good music by Jeffrey Clarke. The house was pretty full, the music was fun and lots of action on the dance floor. If you missed it this time, don't miss it on the 1st of August. That's when Jeffrey Clarke appears again. Always fun times. Check out the pictures, the Super Clan, even if somewhat diminshed, the Jensens, Loewy, Tracy, the MoJos, Brula, Nerkas, Witthuns, Libby and Greg, just about everyone was there! Check out the pictures and be there next weekend and on the first. See you at the corner.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Remembering Myron on the 4th

July 4th is Myron Carlson's birthday, he founded Deer Lake Charlie's. To celebrate his wife Tracy sponsors a keg of beer to honor the day. And the place was packed, Jim Kush did the pouring honors. The Super clan is back and many others are popping up now that the weather really seems to feel like summer. There will be live music on Saturday July 11, Jeff Clarke will be playing starting at around 8PM. This is turning into an annual event so be sure and show up to dance and party! The Deer Lake Flotilla was another success! Over 25 boats were in the line-up. This year Gail, Charlie and Marshall hosted the ice cream social at their beautiful yard. It was jammed pack with boats, grown-ups, kids and dogs, quite a scene! The weather was perfect for the occasion. Check out the pictures and be sure to catch the live music next week!