Monday, October 12, 2009

Jugband Weekend, Friday Night Photos

Always the weekend after Labor Day, we were lucky, the weather was great. The 4 wheelers from Bemidji made their second pilgrimage and, as usual, brought along their music. That's what the weekend is about! Friday night was their night and fun was had by all. Saturday most of the Jugband folks who were camping out at the beach came in. The jamming was good, great music with most of the gang, Bill and Judy, Marshall, Aaron, Chris, Randy, Kris and Al, Jim, Audrey and the rest.

These were the best nights of the summer, finally. Lots of good food on the beach and good music at both ends. Sunday was warm, and 6 bands performed to a full house under the big top tent at the Neighborhood. The family group from Bemidji, the La Di Das, featuring the Andersons, with former Effie guy Mark, were this year's winner, the competition was stiff. Someone had to win, any one of the bands could have won. The fighting is firce for the coveted fish scaler and the privelegde of having the winning name on the plaque, of course at the expense of the winners. If you missed this year, come on out for next year's. The music is worth it!

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