Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day, Feels Like Summer, Finally

The weather sucked until mid August, and then summer arrived. The Duitsmans continued to build their new digs on Lorraine Lake even after Marc fell twelve feet off a ladder, breaking 4 ribs and a collarbone. Labor Day weekend was busy, best holiday weather of the season. On Sunday, the Deer Lake Football Pool drawing took place. As usual, Marshall showed up at 5 and everyone pulled teams. Kara and Audrey were less than pleased with their picks, but life is hard. Some ladies staying at Stimacs' place showed up and everyone was amused! Judy Larson and friend Cindy came up for the fishing. And some Supers also came to enjoy the greatest weather on the planet. There were also lots of ATV groups, locals and vacationers to mark the semi-official end to the summer. Also had a lot of dogs, no the place is NOT going to the dogs! The days are noticeably shorter, but the water is the warmest it's been all summer. Swimming is now in order. Still having fun! Still open, drop on in.

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