Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Darndest Things Show up at the Corner

On August 8 the Deer Lake Watershed held its annual potluck and meeting at DLC's. It was a good turn-out and the food, as usual, was great. Then a little after 7, a black truck with a strange blow-up showed up! What the...oh it was Claire Purcell's bachlorette party. Lots of women accompanied her on the tour of the northwoods bars. And a stretch limo from Hibbing chauffeured them on their travels. Oh course the corner was the first stop! The limo driver reported that he was delayed due to 2 moose standing on highway 1, a very unusual sighting. This week summer finally arrived with temps in the high eighties and the humidity up there too. Water is warm, swimming is not painful and the livin' is easy. Perseid meteor shower was pretty good on the 12th and it was warm enough to sit and gaze on the dock. The Duitsman brothers have returned and are hard at work building their cabin on Lorraine Lake.

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