Monday, May 18, 2009

Annual Visitors Bring more Great Fun, Food and Good Times!

The weather started out badly with torrential rains and actual snow showers. The wind was awesome, with gusts on Deer Lake up to 45mph, so more folks just ended up here! These annual visitors from the cities always come equipped with the coolest smoker and provide great eating with smoked ribs, brats, steaks, shrimp, baked beans and gigantic potatoes. They also provided lots of fun times and the jukebox was constantly rocking the building. The fireworks were flying too! Next weekend is the early Memorial Day weekend, tune in for more fun happenings. Thing just pop up spontaneously so pop on in!

Just to note, the weather improved and Marshall held his 15th anniversary of bar ownership down the road at the Neighborhood in Effie. Legendary Jim Miller and friends played for three hours in the afternoon and Marshall provided his great spread of ribs and fabulous salsa. It was a pretty good turn out! Lots of young rodeo aficionados were in town to learn from the local rodeo celeb, Cimmarron and they stoped in to enjoy the celebration. So there are some pictures of that too.

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